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Suzanne Rosnowski

Suzanne is a leading brand strategist and trusted communications advisor with over 20 years of experience. She has founded and organically built her company Relevance International which is a woman owned full service public relations, brand building and digital media agency. Suzanne’s accolades include serving on the Forbes Agency Council, being appointed to the Board of the International Real Estate Federation, acclaimed as one of the “Top Women In Real Estate 2018” and named as a “Top 25 PR Star to Watch”.

chris heller

Having sold more than 4000 homes in San Diego County, Chris was named President of Keller Williams Worldwide in 2010. Chris’s vision and leadership helped grow the company into the most dominant worldwide real estate franchise in history.  In 2015 Chris was named CEO of KWRI and is now one of the most sought after speakers in the Real Estate industry, focusing on leadership and mindset.  

Jeanne Stewart

Jeanne is the founder of HR on the Move (HRoM), a consortium of business and management consultants. Jeanne’s background includes a wide range of business consulting experience, which includes (but not limited to) organizational development, change management, organization assessments, executive development, employee relations, workplace investigations, staff training, process improvement, and project management. Jeanne currently serves as the Director of the New York State Society for Human Resource Management (NYS SHRM). She is a past President of the Human Resources Association of New York.

Zvi Band

Zvi is a multi-talented entrepreneur, developer, and author who has dedicated his career to helping humans connect. He took his prior venture, Contactually, from an idea in Evernote to one of the most regarded relationship-centric CRMs in the real estate industry before selling it in 2019. Soon after, he released Success is in Your Sphere, a tactical guide to relationship nurturing. In addition to investing, advising, and speaking, Zvi is pursuing new ventures in the coaching and social connection space.

Albert & abigail Baez

Albert and Abigail are the husband and wife co-founders of Blended Sense, an organization that helps small businesses connect with hyper-local creative professionals to create content that impacts their audience. We match the right creative teams to the right projects to produce and distribute digital assets (like photos and videos) quickly. Blended Sense was born from Abigail Rose Baez’s lifelong passion for storytelling on camera and the stage.

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